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PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI is a company that focuses on Certification and Inspection Services. We have an experienced qualified Technician team whose job is to support our clients with excellent services as solutions to their problems. We train our engineers to not only know the theories but by sending them on-site, they get precious hands-on experience which will help them in their designs to be more realistic and applicable, rather than the ‘ideal’ but not feasible designs.

We are a Certification & Inspection Company for oil & gas Industry petrochemical, pipe line, power generation and aspired to be a leading partner in delivering valuable project. Another business of PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI is involved PWHT service, manpower supply, and inspection services.

To achieve this, we will constantly work to be a reliable partner who adds real value to the businesses of our customers. The ultimate goal for PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI is to achieve consistent business growth and profitability. We are accomplishing this by developing lasting partnerships with our suppliers, taking advantage of the latest technological advances and being a good corporate citizen.


PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI was established in Banten, Indonesia in the year 2014, humbly starting as a company specializing in industrial inspection services, which includes non-destructive testing services and quality assurance and control services. In a span of three years, the company made an aggressive move by increasing its capitalization, investing further in the acquisition of advanced inspection and testing equipment’s, and increasing the number of its technical personnel. The aggressive move was made following the Implementation Program scheduled by the company for its entry by year 2015. Area which is considered the major market for inspection and testing services business. Since then, the company has gained the track record and reputation as a service contractor providing excellent, consistent quality, and timely work and service to its clients.

In keeping with the company’s policy of maintaining a system at part with international standards, PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI was duly certified by the ISO for Industrial Inspection, implementing a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Standard. The company is also certified by TUV America, Inc. Membership in active status is being maintained with following associations: The American Society for Non-Destructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT), the American Welding Society (AWS), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Indonesia Welding Society (IWS).

The company also maintains international qualification standards for its technical personnel certifications of the following inspectors: ASNT Level III, Senior Corrosion Technologist, Welding Inspectors CSWIP PAUT, CSWIP 3.1 & AWS, API 653 Inspector, API 510 Inspector, European Welding Inspector Level IV, RSO (Radiological Safety Officer), DOLE-OSH Practitioner, and BOSH (Basic Occupational Safety & Health Course).

The major clients of PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI are among the largest companies in the Indonesia. A partial listing of the company’s regular clients includes big fuel companies in the Indonesia such as PERTAMINA, Shell, Chevron, Star Energy, PHE, and Total. The company has also performed inspection and testing services for big infrastructure projects for multinational.


Our Vision

“To become as professional leading local Company and integrated solutions provider for Inspection Services, provision qualified manpower supply, NDT Inspection, Technical Services for Oil & Gas and Tubular Maintenance & Inspection in line with Government/MIGAS and International standard policy.”

PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI have been providing Standard Policy offshore & onshore, NDT services, QA, Inspection, Expediting, Procurement, and Technical Services & Tubular Maintenance & Inspection Services. The Certification audit by European Quality Assurance/EQA with Integrated Management System (IMS) ISO 9001:2008.

Our Mission

  • To promote one team culture within business.
  • To create high performance standard degrees.
  • To delivery harmony, healthy industrial and environment.
  • To provide equal benefit for stake holder and shareholder


We are PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI take pleasure to follow up in providing you with the information to our Company.

We believe that we will be able to support and services you on your assignment as EPC offshore & onshore, NDT services, QA, Inspection, Expediting, Procurement, and Technical Services, Specialist Services, Tubular Maintenance & Inspection Services and Facilities related to the oil and Gas Industry.

We are confident that with the support and services of our highly professional and qualified manpower and high tech equipment’s.

We will be able to take the challenge and look forward to the future with confidence.

Should you need soma clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.


The key personnel appointed to the project shall have responsibilities as detailed below:

Project Manager: The Project Manager’s main responsibility is ensure that contract requirements and specifications are complied with. He is the vocal point for all communication with the client (excluding documentation matters). He is also responsible for purchase of materials and timely delivery of or order placed.


He is responsible for all aspects of the contract after tender and hand-over for details projects. With respect to Quality Assurance, he shall ensure all project procedures are full field and documented at the proper time and sequence and that all suppliers and subcontractors are in possession of, and meet quality requirements through reports QC inspectors during inspection activities.

Together with the QA/QC Manager he is responsible in ensuring project is run per agreed schedule. He is responsible for expediting sub-vendors for timely delivery and appoints QA/QC inspectors for quality inspection of major items. His overseas proper execution of documentation per client’s requirements and specifications. He generates progress reports and updates project programs. He is the focal point for all communication pertains QA/QC and documentations matters.

 The QA/QC Managers are responsible for ensuring that all quality assurance disciplines are carried out in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures and client requirements. They will also assist the QA/QC Department of PT. LANGIT FIDELYO ENERGI .

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Assuring that the company’s quality commitments are met
  • Drawing up Quality Plan
  • Assessments and listing of approved suppliers
  • Preparation of Inspection and Test Plan
  • Surveillance of manufacture