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Warehouses, Commercial Buildings and More

We know you want a dynamic and innovative design for your new building. We also know you’re working on a schedule and within a certain budget. We dedicate ourselves to giving you an excellent solution and finishing your project on time and within the right cost constraints.

Since 1997, we’ve worked on many different buildings and projects :

  • Government and shire construction
  • Group dwellings, housing and apartments
  • Heavy lift hardstands
  • Major office and warehouse developments
  • Lifestyle villages
  • Petroleum outlets
  • Recreational and sporting facilities
  • Tilt panel construction
  • Wash bays and weighbridge

Concrete Core Drilling and Cutting Services

We offer several different types of concrete cutting, sawing, drilling and coring. Some of our services include:

  • Chain (Wire) sawing for hard to reach or oddly shaped sections and unlimited cut depths
  • Core drilling when you need a round hole or sample
  • Floor grooving and sawing for removing concrete and working expansion joints
  • Hand-sawing and ring sawing
  • Road (Floor) and Wall sawing for cuts up to 500mm deep
  • Subsurface scanning
  • Concrete removal and disposal
  • Grind/Scabbling to remove surface defects or prep surfaces to increase bonding of future works
  • Wire sawing for limited-access concrete with an unrestricted cut depth