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The need for metal alloy materialverifi cation is an increasingly importantissue across a wide range of industries.Specially engineered alloys are continuallybeing developed to better withstand thespecifi c stresses and requirements ofmany different specialized applications.Though necessary and exciting, these newintroductions dramatically increase thecomplexity of material verifi cation and QCtesting needs.

Material inspection is intensely criticalin certain industries such as aircraftand aerospace manufacturing, sincehuman lives may depend on the properperformance of alloy components. Amaterial mix-up in a petrochemicalprocess system can be disastrous. Ona spacecraft or commercial satellite itcan mean millions of dollars and yearsof effort wasted. In a scrap recyclingfacility, misidentifi ed material can resultin a returned load and a loss of consumerconfi dence. Conversely, identifyingand upgrading alloy material providesinstantaneous return on investment toscrap metal recyclers.


Thermo Scientifi c NITON XLt, XLp andXLi 800 Series Alloy Analyzers are theworld standard for nondestructiveanalysis and grade identifi cation ofmetal alloy materials in industriesranging from primary metalproduction to product fabrication toscrap recycling.

The Thermo Scientifi c NITON Analyzer offers numerousappealing features including:

  • Very easy to use – even by nontechnical personnel
  • Little to no sample preparation is necessary
  • A truly nondestructive test with instantaneous result

Thermo Scientifi c NITON XRF (x-rayfl uorescence) alloy analyzers are designedto quickly and reliably provide accurate alloymaterial verifi cation, and have become theworldwide standard for material analysisin industries ranging from primary metalproduction to scrap metal recycling. NITONanalyzers provide immediate nondestructivechemical analysis of alloy materials fromtitanium to nickel superalloys, from castingsto fasteners, dip switches to scrap cuttingsand turnings, incoming raw materials to fi nalproduct QC. They supply fast, nondestructiveanalysis of high-temp, nickel and stainlesssteel, as well as screening for the presenceof prohibited materials such as Sn, Se, Cd,and Zn in spacecraft applications, and Pb, Cr,Cd, Br, and Hg for RoHS compliance.

Optimized to Fit a Variety of AnalysisNeeds

Thermo Scientifi c NITON Alloy Analyzersare available in a variety of form factors andexcitation options to provide the optimalanalyzer confi guration for your analyticalneeds. Sealed against moisture and dust,Thermo Scientifi c NITON Analyzers aredesigned to be just as effective in thefi eld or on the shop fl oor as they are in thelaboratory.

The NITON XLt with an x-ray tube excitation source, provideslaboratory analytical precision in a portable instrument with generallyreduced regulatory requirements. It is also available with a heliumpurgeoption, that allows light element analysis (Mg, Al, Si, P) thatwas previously impossible in a portable instrument.

The NITON XLi and its pistol-grip cousin, the NITON XLp providefast, dependable material analysis and grade identification even inthe most punishing environments. These rugged tools also featureThermo Fisher’s patented Infiniton™ maintenance-free excitationtechnology, providing the most economical analysis solution availablein the industry.

Whether the need is quality control, positive material identification(PMI), failure analysis, RoHS compliance screening, or sorting ofscrap material for recycling, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides theideal solution for your business.