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A History of Innovation

A history of breakthrough technologiesdistinguishes Thermo Scientific NITONx-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers.In 2002, we pioneered the use ofminiaturized x-ray tubes in handheldXRF analyzers. Since that time, theperformance and features of NITON XRFinstruments have improved continuously.Now we introduce a groundbreaking newgeneration of portable XRF analyzers,combining advanced electronics andmaterials technology with the mostpowerful x-ray tubes ever used in ahandheld XRF instrument: presenting theNITON XL3t.

Thermo Scientific NITON® XL3t

XRF technology has taken a giant leapforward with the next generation ofportable analyzers – the handheldThermo Scientific NITON XL3t.Building on the success of the awardwinningNITON XLt Series, the NITONXL3t x-ray tube-based XRF analyzercontinues to lead the market throughexcellence in innovation.

NITON XL3t Series analyzers provide many distinctadvantages:

  • Very easy to use – even by non-technical personnel
  • Lab-quality performance in a handheld instrument
  • Improved cycle time for high sample throughput

Featuring a high-performancethermoelectrically cooled detector, 80MHz real-time digital signal processing,and dual state-of-the-art embeddedprocessors for computation, data storage,communication and other functions, theXL3t incorporates many new featuresdirectly benefiting the customer. From theintegrated VIP™ tilting color touch-screendisplay to the customizable menus forease of use, the ergonomic new NITONXL3t series analyzers are both the lightestweight and most ruggedly constructed x-raytube-sourced handheld XRF analyzers evermade. XL3t instruments can be used formany nondestructive testing applications,including analysis of metal alloys, screeningof electronics and consumer goods forprohibited substances, mining explorationand grade control, and more. For example,the Thermo Scientific NITON XL3t 800Series is the definitive tool for scrapmetal recycling, casting and fabrication,manufacturing and Positive MaterialIdentification (PMI). Alloy grade ID and QCtesting typically take 1 to 2 seconds, withaccurate alloy chemistry in as little as 3 to5 seconds. Similarly, compliance testingfor Restriction of Hazardous Substances(RoHS) and other regulations is faster thanever before with the NITON XL3t 700 Series,including screening of incoming materials,stocks and outgoing finished goods.Detection limits for all banned substancesare improved – especially for cadmium– with the NITON XL3t’s 50 kV x-ray tubesample excitation system.

The NITON XL3t’s analytical power aloneputs it in a field by itself; with its manystandard features and available options, the NITON XL3t stands far above the competition. Integrated USBand Bluetooth™ communications provide direct data transfer to theuser’s PC or networked storage device, eliminating cumbersome datasyncing procedures required by PDA-based XRF analyzers. A clip-onweld mask and folding test stand help users safely analyze difficult tomeasure samples. Additionally, the optional heat shield extends thehot-surface testing capability from 600 ºF (315 ºC) to 1,000 ºF (538 ºC),protecting both the analyzer and the operator’s hand from theseelevated temperatures. Add the optional integrated sample imagingsystem to locate areas of interest in a sample, then store the imageof each sample analyzed along with measurement results; or choosethe Helium Purge Light Element Analysis Package for direct analysisof Mg, Al, Si, and P.

Take advantage of the standard NITON Data Transfer (NDT©) PCsoftware suite to customize the instrument, set user permissions,generate custom reports and print certificates of analysis, or toremotely monitor and operate the instrument hands-free. Whetheryou need an analyzer for metal alloy analysis, RoHS compliance ortoy and consumer goods screening, mining or mineral exploration,art conservation or archaeometric analysis, the Thermo ScientificNITON XL3t combines the analytical performance of lab-gradeinstrumentation with the high-speed performance, ease of use andcutting-edge technology customers have come to expect from theirNITON analyzers.