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PMI (Positive Material Identification)

With PMI the alloy composition and thus, the identity of materials can be determined. When the material certificate is missing or unclear and the costumer wants certainty about the composition of a material, PMI is the solution. PMI is particularly used for high-quality metals like stainless and high alloy metals

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is the identification and chemical analysis of various metal alloys through nondestructive methods. PMI can be conducted on-site or in the laboratory.

Two hundred years ago, there were 12 known metals. Today, we know of 86—as well as a corresponding increase in alloys and steel types available. At the R&D stage, PMI helps our customers choose the right materials for their application from this vast market. In production, PMI confirms through certification that the materials our customers have received are, in fact, the materials they’ve purchased. At all stages, PMI services allow clients to build successful business plans for their products and processes.

If you use metals, steels, and alloys in your business, a PMI testing program will allow you to make purchase decisions—and process decisions—confidently and cost-effectively.

Our customers request PMI service when:

  • working with a part that is part of an assembly or that is too large for shipping
  • a sample cannot be cut for routine testing
  • a mixed lot is suspected
  • material identification/documentation has been misplaced
  • there are questions about samples too costly to destroy